Movies are good for you and your health but to a limit. In a study, it has been found that laughter boosts your immunity and decreases your stress. And weeping also does the same work, it also decreases your stress. An American author Kurt once said that both tears and laughter are the exhaustion of frustration. I will prefer laughter because there is less work after doing it than weeping. Both have the same effect and release your stress and frustration. Movies are based on true or fictional stories that relate somewhere with our life.

When we watch a movie we got emotional and express our feeling by laughing or sad mood. Some effects after watching the movie have been found by studies. Some of them are disclosed below-

  • Laughing and weeping make you free of stress-

In a study by the University of Maryland, it has been said that moves have special effects. Researchers have found that laughing while watching a movie reduces stress and lowers blood pressure by 22%. Whereas sad feelings and weeping during watching a movie also affect your brain. A study by Oxford University says that watching a sorrowful and traumatic film increases your tolerance of pain and gives relaxation. The movies also affect you physiologically. Where a therapy doesn’t work their physiology works. Some movies and ดูหนังออนไลน์ reduces your life issues and motivates you because they have a story as a broken man. A sad or disappointed person in life can take the advantage of inspirational movies.

  • Rewatching the movie gives power to your brain-

A study suggests that rewatching a movie gives you relaxation and increases your predictions. This also increases your memory power and rewind your mind to think about what happened after one by one scene. Rewatching a movie impacts a positive effect on you and boosts the mental attitude of predictions. It also improves your connections with your friends and family, although it depends on which film or movie you are watching. That makes a difference.

  • Making understand of clever people’s thinking –

In a movie what a clever person does with a hero that will be remembered to you. What we watch in a movie has the same effect in our real life. It means movies affect our real life. If the movie is inspirational then you will be inspired to do something better in real life and movie is emotional then you will also be emotional in real life. Movies make you an intelligent and emotional person as they relate the story to your real life.

You might have been said to don’t watch movies by your family or friend. You can tell them what the movies have effects on your body. An intelligent person will never watch movies the whole day that can affect his/her life. Movies are beneficial that depend on you what type of movie you watch. Inspirational and true story movies are more effective than action more. A comedy movie takes a higher place and feels everyone happy and laughing.