7 Things To Do When In Bromont For A Weekend!


Quebec is known for many things – incredible landscapes, French influence in almost everything, and awesome food. Bromont, which is less than a hundred kilometers from Montreal, is a nice escape destination for anyone who wants to explore Quebec. Bromont is often called the skiing destination of North America and is one of the few places where one can actually enjoy night skiing. Even in spring and summer, Bromont has many activities on offer, and here are the 7 things that we recommend for all kinds of travelers on a weekend.

  • Stay at a good hotel. Consider hotel zoo de Granby as an option. Bromont has some really known hotels, and most of these are located close to the skiing areas and Granby Zoo, and the money you pay is definitely worth considering. We recommend that you check for deals in advance.

  • Explore Ski Bromont. The resort is known for skiing activities and other things like mountain biking and snowboarding, and if you have the time, you can choose to learn here. The restaurant at the resort serves amazing but expensive food, and the winters here can be quite fun.
  • Bromont Water Park. In the summers, Bromont Water Park is a great place to explore, and there are a fair number of rides for adults and kids alike. The slides are amazing, and you can spend the day enjoying the sun.
  • Enjoy the spa. This is another experience in Bromont that doesn’t compare to same options in Montreal. Amérispa Château-Bromont and Balnea Spa are two most loved spas in the area, and you can enjoy thermal experience too.
  • Do make time for Granby Zoo. If you are traveling with the kids, Granby Zoo must be on your list. Many hotels have ready packages, which can be considered for some discount, and these can include a pass to the zoo for entire day.
  • Hiking along the trails. Trails in Bromont are some of the best you will find in North America, and if you don’t want to spend on mountain biking or paid activities, hiking is the best you can do, and it is really pleasurable.

  • Go for horse riding. If you want to explore Bromont in the summers, this is a great idea, especially if you don’t like walking or hiking. Also, consider booking your ride before you come, more so when on a short trip.

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