Advantages of playing poker online


Poker has been around for over a hundred years, but unfortunately during most of this period, it remained indoors in smoky backrooms of casinos and shady bars which were less convenient for people especially those of us who are introverts but still enjoyed playing the game of poker as well as other casino games like judi online. However, since the introduction of poker online, the popularity of the game has increased significantly. Today, playing poker online has so many advantages that the game is enjoyed by poker enthusiasts all over the world. In this article posting, we will talk about some of the advantages of playing online poker.


Online poker is as close as your nearest desktop, laptop, or mobile. All you literally need to do is switch the device on. No need to drive, park, or take public transportation, or even walk outside your building which believe me can be very tiring. There is no waiting line; you can play poker online at the luxury of your own home or wherever you see fit. There is no need to carry large amounts of cash or buying gas for the car. Just stumble into a comfy chair and fire up your device, and start playing. All you need is a steady internet connection and you’re good to go.

Other opponents won’t be able to read your poker tells

Most players reveal a lot about their poker face by giving ‘tells’. You can unconsciously reveal a lot by your actions such as how you physically bet, breathe, talk, hold cards, bluff, cough, certain body movements, your body language and react to certain situations. However, if you play poker online and within the comfort of your own home, these traits become invisible, eliminating a disadvantage you may have faced at a live poker game. This way it is much more easier for you to win with so much ease.

24/7 availability

No matter when you want to play poker online you can find a table any time of the day. This is one of the greatest advantages of online poker over the traditional land based casinos. There are several online poker sites that provide 24/7 poker actions, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. No matter if you are in Europe, India, China, or the USA, you can unleash unlimited poker action at your own hours with so much ease and click.

Ability to “Multi-table”

Online poker has brought something to the table that never existed before virtual reality. In other words this feature is uniquely different and is absent in traditional based casinos. It is the ability to play at more than one table at the same time. This is the biggest advantage of playing poker online. You can make more than one bet at a time, and even if you lose at one table you can win at another and recover your losses. If you’re smart, you can win a lot of games at the same time.