Are Front-Loading Washing Machines Better Than Top-Loading Models? Find Here!


Doing laundry is certainly not a pleasurable job. However, having a good washing machine does make a difference. If you check for washing machines, the two obvious choices are front-loading and top-loading models. You can consider options like laveuse LG, but let’s first understand the basic question – Is a front-loading machine better than a top-loading one? Here are the pros and cons at a glance.

Advantages at a glance

Experts agree that front-loading machines do have a few advantages. First and foremost, these machines have bigger drums (capacity), so you can easily wash a simple AC comforter or a big pile of clothes. There is also no denying that that front-loading machines look a lot more attractive and aesthetically pleasing, so if interior beauty matters for your laundry room, this is something to consider. Since the top surface is free for use, you can place the dryer right on top of the machine, which helps in saving space too, especially for smaller homes.

Compared to top-loading machines, front-loading ones are gentle on clothes and use a lot less water. Most of the better ones are Energy Star rated, so you don’t have to bother about spending huge on electricity either. As far as washing performance is concerned, front-loading machines are definitely better and don’t make as much noise. Even toughest stains can be cleaned easily, and since you are saving on water and energy, you are making a better choice for the planet too.

On the flip side

The biggest downside of front load washers is the need to bend to load and unload clothes. This can be uncomfortable for anyone who has back problems. If you want to raise the machine on a higher surface, you have to spend more on a base. Some of the front load washers do take more time for one cycle, although the cleaning action is much faster with higher spin speeds. In terms of sizing, most of the front load washers are big in size, so space can be an issue with some homes.

Buying a front load washer

If you want to get a front load washer, we strongly recommend that you check online and look for options that are designed for less use of water and electricity. Also, don’t forget to compare the capacities and get a size bigger than what you typically need, so that more clothes can be washed in one go.