Challenges for team sport performance analytics


The term analytics is nowadays applied in almost all areas of sports performance analysis. However, what people don’t understand is that the term analytics is a wide one and it is important to be specific with what you mean when you use it. Analytics is a general term that covers many areas in sports and can be used in various applications such as performance, business, finance, and scouting just to mention a few. Thus, it makes no sense to bundle all the different areas of sports into one huge group.

It is better if we looked at sports as a small/medium sized enterprise. I say this because even major leagues such as EPL, NBA, and NFL are huge business that gross hundreds of millions in profit every year, the performance part is a relatively part that employs only a few people who include players, coaches, and staff. How analytics are employed in this performance part of sports thus, has to be different with how they are applied in other areas of the same business or industry. This makes one of the major challenges that วิเคราะห์บอล faces. Analytics simply can’t be applied the same way to all aspects of the industry.

Do analytics actually make anything happen faster in football?

We can all agree that sports performance analysis has a lot of potential in sports, but one thing that experts can’t seem to agree on is the value that this analysis has. There is still no clear value that analytics have on the performance side of sports like football. Of course there are so many “experts” who make so many claims, but it is still not possible to make a clear distinction between fact and fiction. In fact, it is hard to separate marketing and truth in performance sports analysis because most of the claims that fill the air are simply marketing stunts being twisted to look like facts when they actually aren’t.

Integrity analysis

Have you ever come across analytics that try to predict injuries in sports? Do you find these predictions laughable like I do? If we are being honest, it is simply not possible to make a correct prediction because of the sheer number of possibilities. There are way too many possibilities and variables to keep track of that trying to make a prediction and claiming that the prediction is right sounds very stupid. The number of possibilities runs in billions and I don’t think we have the technology to be able to track that number of possibilities at the moment.

As such, the integrity of sports analytics claims is not very good. Anybody with a mind between their ears should be able to understand that some of the claims that experts make simply talk to the level of integrity of the entire sports performance analysis sector.

Last words…

Performance analysis is usually separated too much from the general performance domain knowledge. The analytics simply seem to lack any direction at all because there is usually no domain direction to precede the analysis and when the results are being interpreted, there is usually no domain review post-analysis.