Commercial Financing Advice – Commercial Lenders to avoid


This commercial financing article will describe the significance of staying away from “problem commercial lenders”. The content won’t name specific lenders to prevent, but key examples is going to be presented to illustrate why prudent commercial borrowers should be ready to avoid a multitude of existing commercial lenders within their look for viable commercial financing.

I’ve been counseling business proprietors for more than twenty five years, and that i have experienced many commercial financing situations that have involved commercial lenders that I wouldn’t recommend consequently. These problematic situations have especially involved commercial home loans, charge card factoring and unsecured loans. As a result of these encounters and daily conversations along with other commercial financing professionals, I actually do actually think that there are a variety of business lenders that needs to be prevented. This conclusion is usually according to several negative experience or perhaps an apparent pattern of lending abuses.

I’ve printed many articles which are made to assist commercial borrowers in staying away from commercial financing problems. Probably the most serious commercial financing situations is really a commercial loan provider that triggers trouble for their commercial borrowers on the recurring basis. It’s particularly this kind of commercial loan provider which prudent commercial borrowers should be ready to avoid unless of course viable alternative commercial financing options don’t realistically exist.

Listed here are a couple of types of why certain commercial lenders ought to be prevented.


I’ve printed articles which discusses the inclination of numerous banks to state “YES” once they mean “NO”. Such banks will typically attach burdensome commercial financing conditions to loans rather of simply declining the borrowed funds. Business proprietors should explore other business loan alternatives before accepting commercial financing terms that place them in a competitive disadvantage.

COMMERCIAL FINANCING AND COMMERCIAL LENDERS To Prevent EXAMPLE Number Two – The Commercial Evaluation Process

For real estate loans, commercial appraisals are an inevitable area of the commercial loan underwriting process. The commercial evaluation process is extended and costly, so staying away from commercial lenders that have displayed a design of problems and abuses in this region may benefit the commercial customer by saving both of them money and time.

COMMERCIAL FINANCING AND COMMERCIAL LENDERS To Prevent EXAMPLE # 3 – Think Outdoors the financial institution

In smaller sized metropolitan markets, it’s not unusual for any dominant commercial loan provider to impose harsher commercial financing terms than would typically be viewed inside a more competitive commercial loan market. Such commercial lenders routinely make the most of a family member insufficient other commercial lenders within their local market. A suitable response by commercial borrowers is to search out non-bank commercial financing options. It’s neither necessary nor wise for commercial borrowers to depend only upon local traditional banks for commercial financing solutions. For many commercial loan situations, a non-local and non-bank commercial loan provider will probably provide improved commercial financing terms since they’re familiar with competing strongly along with other commercial lenders.