How do bad floor cleaners affect children and pets?


The function of a floor cleaner is to clean all the germs and bacteria that remain unseen on our floors in our everyday life. We never give the germs or the floor cleaner a second thought after mopping our floors and seeing them sparkling clean. But we should! Most floor cleaners today contain several harmful chemicals that might kill germs and bacteria but are unsafe for children and pets too.

What kinds of risks do children and pets face?

More than adults, it is the children and the pets who constantly interact with the floors. Babies love crawling and sprawling over floors and do almost everything on the floor. The same goes for pets too. But many floor cleaners today are filled with such harmful chemicals that they can causes rashes and burning sensations in children and pets. This kind of floor cleaner can also cause irritation in the eyes, allergies, and poisoning. The harmful chemicals when inhaled too can cause issues in the airway of children! Harsh chemicals can cause anaemia, liver damage and cancer in pets too. To avoid these health issues, we as consumers need to read the ingredient list behind a floor cleaner before buying one. Here are some ingredients that deem a floor cleaner harmful for children and pets:

Chlorine: Chlorine is a toxic chemical that is present in several floor cleaners. It is found the most in bleach-based cleaners and must not be ingested. If ingested chlorine can cause severe physical conditions like vomiting and diarrhoea.

Triclosan: Triclosan is an antibacterial agent that is commonly found in a lot of cleaning products like toothpaste, soaps, and detergents. This ingredient is found to cause allergies and must be avoided if you have a child or pet at home.

Ammonium hydroxide: This ingredient might be effective in cleaning germs but has a high level of toxicity. If ingested or inhaled, it can cause respiratory and digestive issues.

Parfum: Perfumes or artificial heavy scents that are added to floor cleaners to mask the smell of the chemicals can be overpowering for children and pets. These can cause uneasiness and rashes too.

Most floors become a goldmine of toxins as floor particle matters from all household items falls on the ground and harsh floor cleaners to leave behind toxins. This poses a threat to pets and children to interact with the floor on a daily basis. Hence it is important to use a floor cleaner that can clean these toxins and prevent them from being harmed.

For a toxin-free and natural floor cleaner alternative, a Nimyle floor cleaner is a good option. It harnesses the anti-bacterial properties of Neem and effectively cleans 99.9% of germs. It is a completely natural floor cleaner and it also leaves behind a pleasant smell. It is chlorine-free and an eco-friendly floor cleaner that does not pollute the environment with any of its ingredients. Nimlye floor cleaner can be used on all types of tiles like marble tiles, porcelain tiles, and ceramic tiles etc.

Just mix a cup of Nimyle in water and mop your floor and you will have fresh, clean tiles and a soothing fragrance in your house. This floor cleaner is pet and child friendly. Hence, you don’t need to be afraid of your child or pet playing on the freshly mopped floor as this floor cleaner will not harm them at all!