How Player Performance is Calculated in Fantasy Cricket on Dream11?


Over the years, Dream11 has evolved into India’s biggest sports gaming platform, offering multiple sports – IPL T20 fantasy, fantasy football, etc. The platform lets sports enthusiasts encash their knowledge and love for the game and boasts over 15 crore users currently.

As a user, you can create your imaginary teams and earn cash based on the actual match performance of the selected players. Each good move of the players earns cash rewards for the users. Moreover, the online gaming unicorn offers contests for every sort of user by considering their needs and limitations.

Dream11 Signup Process

The signup process on Dream11 is a cakewalk. If you are not sure how to register on the platform, here is a quick 3 steps guide to follow:

  • Download the Dream11 app from the AppStore or PlayStore on your smartphone.
  • Then, register with your mobile number and enter the OTP that you will receive upon registration.
  • Select a match, create your IPL dream team, and start playing a fantasy game.

How to Calculate your Dream11 Points?

If you are a beginner, understanding the basics of calculating the Dream11 points is vital to go a long way in fantasy cricket. Here is a breakdown of points system:

Batting Points

IPL is known for showcasing the batting capabilities of batsmen. So, there will be a lot of runs scored in both innings. In fantasy cricket, point rules for batting are calculated on the game’s scoring and the average batting points per inning. Note that these rules are not applicable to bowlers.

  • Each run gets 1 point
  • Bonus 1 point for scoring each boundary
  • 2 points per six runs scored 4 points –
  • Half-century gets 8 points and 16 points for scoring a century.
  • -2 points for duck out.

Bowling Points

Bowlers play a crucial role in winning a cricket match. Similarly, bowling points are the key to winning fantasy matches too. There are 5 ways to earn bowling points. Here they are:

  • Earn 25 points for each wicket and runouts are not considered.
  • 12 points for each maiden glory.
  • 8 additional points for taking four wickets in a match.
  • 8 more points for getting maiden over.
  • 16 additional points for taking a five-wicket haul in a single match.

Fielding Points

A good catch or saving some crucial runs can lift the whole team’s confidence in a jiff. So, points should be given to fielding also and it maximizes your IPL dream team potential. You can earn a lot more points through a good fielding from your selected players. Here it is:

  • Get 8 points for a catch.
  • 12 points for a direct runout / completing a stumping chance.
  • 6 points for throwing the ball for a runout.
  • 6 points for each catch, resulting in a run-out.

Points for Batsmen for Maintaining a Good Strike Rate

Maintaining a good strike rate on the IPL T20 fantasy league for a batsman worth points too. But do not forget, you can lose points if you choose a low strike rate batsman for the match. And bowlers are not eligible to receive strike rate points for your reference.

  • Extra 4 points for reaching a strike rate between 50 to 59.99 per balls.
  • -2 for having a strike rate between 60-70.
  • -1 for maintaining less than a 50-strike rate.

Points for Bowlers for Having Good Economy Rate

Bowlers can control the flow of runs by maintaining a good economic rate. Similar to the strike rate, the economy rate is considered for the scoring system. Bowlers with a good economic rate earn more points and lose points for a poor economic rate. A bowler who bowls at least two overs in a match is deserved for Dream11 points.

  • Get 4 points if the economy rate is between 4 and 4.99 runs per over.
  • Get 2 points if the economy rate is between 6-5 runs per over.

Other Bonus Points

Selecting good captains and vice-captains earn more points for your squad. However, the bonus is:

  • Every player named in the announced XI receives 4 points each.

In conclusion, understanding how player performance is calculated in fantasy cricket on Dream11 is crucial for anyone looking to maximize their points and increase their chances of winning. With a detailed understanding of the scoring system, players can make informed decisions when selecting their fantasy teams and strategize their gameplay accordingly. It is important to note that different fantasy platforms may have different scoring systems, so it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules of the specific platform. By keeping up to date with player statistics and performance, players can stay ahead of the curve and make smart decisions when building their teams. Overall, knowing how player performance is calculated is an essential part of succeeding in fantasy cricket on Dream11.