National Police Check; What It Is and How to Go About It


The New South Wales State abbreviated as NSW, has the police department providing a chance for residents from the age of 14 years and over to get a National Police Check for the sake of adoption, visa, employment, student placement, to be admitted as a lawyer, or as a volunteer in an aged care facility.

The charges for a Police Check range from $50 and the applicant gets clear results in not more than one hour. For public and private sector establishments who need National Police Checks, applications to be a registered organization may be made directly to the Criminal Records.

Police check applications may be made online and below is a list of everything that is required.

  • Your email address has to be validated by use of a verification code that you will receive in your email to start the online police check
  • Use the Document Verification Service to verify your documents and confirm your true identity.
  • If the above process is not successful on the Document Verification Services platform, you can give three types of recommended proof of identity given in a list of options on the form.
  • In case you do not meet the requirements or you need more clarification onpolicechecks, you can contact the criminal records department helpline on weekdays except public holidays. You can also check their website for more information.

What to expect

When applying for a police check, you will be required to pay these application fees using a debit or credit card, or a money order/bank cheque subject to the kind of check you choose.

  • $50 for National Police Check date of birth and name.
  • $197 for National Police Check for date of birth, name, and fingerprint.
  • $15 for verification of name and date of birth for volunteers in Commonwealth-funded aged-care centers.

After making the police check application, you will get a confirmation email. If you need no further assessment, you will get your online certificate within an hour. In case your application needs further assessment, you may wait for up to 10 working days for processing.

If you made the payments via money orders or bank cheques, your application will not start before the money is cleared. Choosing this method of payment will delay your application from being processed.

In case you need a printed National Police Certificate, you will pay an additional fee of $5 for handling and postage. To learn more on delivery timeframes, you can check on the Australia Post. Also, note that it is your responsibility as an applicant to select the type of check you want before you apply.

Final Thoughts

Getting your police check done is not a complicated process as the police force is committed to offering the best service to the public. Having your checking done is a sure way to help you go about your business free of state law contraventions.