Styling Ideas for Dark Wood Kitchens


Kitchens built with dark wood have a certain look and feel to them, giving them a very classy yet homelike appearance. There are a plethora of ways to go about decorating and designing your dark wood kitchen. Several bold choices exist out in the market that will give your kitchen a very characteristically charged feel – you will begin to love stepping into your kitchen if decorated right. But remember to choose this design theme if you have a spacious and well-lit kitchen.

Good decor need not necessarily be expensive decor – no, it must be something which suits your and your family’s character and looks good to the eye.

Styling a Kitchen with Dark Wood

Styling your kitchen to your liking and taste is imperative. You do not want to end up having to spend time in your house and not liking the way it looks. For a person to not like the look of their own home can be somewhat uncomfortable. Here are some ideas for how to style dark wood in a kitchen.

1.   Dark wood kitchen with a splash of white

A little mixing and matching of dark and bright colors can give any area a rather elegant look. The whites of the kitchen would work well on countertops. Also, seating furniture complements well the dark wood cabinets and other woodwork in the room. Dark wood with white countertops is pleasing, and even the simplest designs work with this color combination.

2.   Dark wood with black counters

In the way that a dark woodwork kitchen gives off an elegant mix-and-match vibe, a kitchen with dark woodwork and matching dark counters also look rather slick. To pair with the woodwork, you may use black seating furniture like stools or chairs, and even black countertops would look incredible.

3.   Dark wood paired with light wood

There is a lot to say about kitchens built with dark wood and paired with contrasting light wood. Chic would be one of the best words to describe the look of this theme. With dark brown counters and light brown chairs, or dark brown cabinets with light brown drawers or any other similar combination. This kind of kitchen should do well with someone whose personality is a right mix of very fun yet highly productive.


All in all, out of the many ways to style a dark wood kitchen, the three mentioned above would be the top choices. Play around with colors and styles of the woodwork and wooden floor tiles and things; it can help you understand what you like and what you don’t. Refurbishing a kitchen by designing it from scratch can be tiresome, but since it’s one of the primary rooms in a house, it’s essential to get it just right to suit who you are as a person. Your home and the way it looks and feels speak volumes about who you are, so it’s best to create one which feels perfect. If a kitchen with dark wood does this for you, then great; hopefully, the styling options listed above shall help you.