Use Weighted Dog Bowls To Feed Your Pets To Stop The Spilling Of Food


Stop the tipping of food bowls and water bowls

Feeding your dog can be very tiring and can also include a lot of after work. Most of the dogs have the habit of being highly spontaneous in their movements. They will run fast, reach out to play with the toys very quickly, and sometimes even run behind other vehicles when they see one.

It looks cute, but when they eat with such agility, it becomes a lot messy. They spread the food all over the place and sometimes even upturn the food bowls and water bowls. The weighted dog bowls can help a lot in such cases. It will keep the bowl steady and not let the dogs move them and spill everything. ‘Clever Dog treats’ is an online shopping platform that provides such bowls at affordable prices to its customers.

Know the reason why you should use weighted dog bowls for feeding them.

Dogs are fast eaters. Therefore, there are many reasons why the weighted dog bowls are a better option for feeding them whenever you want. Let us have a look at some of them.

  • Dogs face neck and joint pains regularly when they have to strain their neck down to eat food. The moving bowls will increase that strain. But with the help of an elevated weighted bowl, they will not feel that similar discomfort. It is the most beneficial for large dogs who generate neck pains quickly.
  • It can help the dogs from generating symptoms of arthritis. Bending down a lot can cause arthritis very quickly. But with these bowls, the pets can reach out to their food without much struggle. You can easily find cases of arthritis in medium and large-sized dogs. So it is better to give a safe option to the dogs while having meals.
  • It is highly beneficial for feeding your dogs after they undergo operations. When a pet is recovering from a treatment, it becomes tough for them to put in a lot of strain while eating food. So it is better to feed them with a weighted bowl, which is elevated to their neck level to reduce the pain and faster recovery.
  • There are cases when the esophagus of a dog gets enlarged. It reduces the mobility of the food traveling from their food pipe to the stomach. Reaching down to get the food can further increase the struggle. But when they eat in such type of dishes, gravity can help in the food travel process.

Feed your dogs with great ease and comfort

With the help of weighted dog bowls, the dog owners will not have to provide a constant supply of drinking water again and again when it spills. It will also make the feeding process more clean and hygienic. It will also save time, as now the owners do not need to worry about the food and water once they serve it. So now, no matter how much they try, they will not be able to dirty the floor tiles and marbles of your home.