Useful Steps for Amazon Account Suspension and its Recovery


Amazon’s most recent round of account suspensions has affected a vast number of businesses. The majority of these account suspensions are due to Amazon claiming that their account is linked to another account that may or may not is utilized to sell on their platform. These claims are sometimes justified, while other times they are not. The account suspensions are due to Amazon determining that the seller is linked to another seller whose account has been suspended. Suspension does not occur just because they are linked to another account. It has something to do with another account that has been suspended.

Amazon’s goal is clear: they want to get rid of sellers who were suspended and were operating under a different account. Unexpectedly, there has been a lot of collateral damage, with a big number of sellers’ accounts being suspended for no apparent reason.

What Causes Related-Account Suspensions?

  • People’s Amazon Related Account Suspension might happen for a variety of reasons, including they had their Amazon account suspended and tried to circumvent the suspension by opening another seller account. Their original account is still inactive.
  • Their account has been linked to another account that has been suspended by Amazon. Due to similar business addresses, entering into the accounts from the same computer, and other factors, Amazon may consider these accounts to be linked.
  • People granted API access to a corporation whose API credentials had been revoked.
  • People granted user permissions to someone who likewise had a suspended seller account.

A suspension of an Amazon seller’s account is bound to cause them a great deal of stress and frustration, as it results in a financial loss. Instead of panicking and seeking Amazon suspension assistance, read the following article to learn why an Amazon account has been suspended, how to prevent it, and how to properly reinstate their account. Preparing for an unexpected suspension of an Amazon seller account is an important part of a seller’s Amazon online marketing strategy.

What should people do if their Amazon seller account has been suspended?

When and if consumers receive the dreaded email from Amazon informing them that their account has been suspended, the first thing they should do is submit a Plan of Action, as defined by Amazon. This is an email-based appeal letter sent to Amazon Seller Performance. They should address it in the Action Plan:

  • The source of the problem that resulted in product listing complaints.
  • What their immediate plan of action is to fix the problem.
  • What long-term measures do they intend to take to avoid such difficulties?

Amazon may contact them, either requesting further information or repeating the information they already provided. Some assume that an automatic AI system filters all such pleas based on certain key phrases before forwarding them on to an actual Amazon employee, as it does sound like a frustrating process. As a result, if someone asks for the same information, he or she will almost certainly have to restate it and offer extra supporting documentation to verify their point.