What are the Benefits of Tuning Up Your AC Every Year?


An average homeowner uses his air conditioning for more than 3000 hours annually. Imagine driving your car for the same number of hours and not tuning it up, would your car work efficiently then? The same goes with air climatisé as well. As the time goes by, dust gets accumulated in your evaporator coil in the indoor unit which is an insulator as well. The dust fades its power to absorb heat and eliminating humidity as well. Accumulation of dust and debris on the outdoor coil averts it from transferring the heat optimally from the refrigerant to the outdoors. Dust accumulation on the blower fan eliminates the airflow, and the dust and debris clogs that may cause water accumulation and shutting down your system entirely. Apart from the accumulation of various elements, it may have other issues as well. Your lubricant may dry up, cause friction and constant vibrations may loosen the connections in your AC. Hence, tuning up of your AC on an annual basis is a must.

Benefits of tuning your AC annually

  1. Reduced repair bills

Tuning up your AC on an annual basis may save up a lot of money on repair bills. If something goes awry with your AC, other problems show up. Maintenance on a regular basis keeps away the common issues like airflow and dust accumulation on the coils and loose housing that cause noisy interferences and gross inefficiencies.

  1. Extended operating life

A clean and a top notch air conditioner stays up and running for more than 20 to 25 years, but an overlooked and neglected AC unit will halt itself in 10 years or so. When you maintain and tune up your AC on a yearly basis, you can extend its life, where you don’t have to spend a fortune by replacing it in every 10 years or so.

  1. Good for your health as well as the environment

A famous study claims that when you neglect the maintenance of your AC, it becomes a major health hazard as well as a toxic product to the environment as well. When it comes to tuning up, the professional will look out for the dust, corrosion, mold and other contaminants and get it cleaned up. When your AC is fully tuned up, it increases the energy efficiency and is good for environment as well.