What The Law States in Nigeria


The main causes of Nigeria law were Roman-Nederlander mercantile law and private law with British Common law, as imports of Nederlander settlements and British colonialism. The very first European based law in Nigeria was introduced through the Nederlander East India Company and it is known as Roman-Nederlander law. It had been imported prior to the codification of European law in to the Napoleonic Code and it is comparable in lots of ways to Scottish law. It was adopted within the 1800s by British law both common and statutory. Beginning in 1910 with unification, Nigeria had its very own parliament which passed laws and regulations specific for Nigeria, building on individuals formerly passed for that individual member colonies.

Roman Nederlander law is really a legislation according to Roman law as used in holland within the 17th and 1700s. As a result, it’s a number of the ecu continental Civil law or Ius commune. While Roman Nederlander law stopped to become used in holland themselves already at the outset of the 1800s, Roman Nederlander law continues to be applied today through the courts of Nigeria and Sri Lanka.

While Roman law was mostly forgotten in early dark ages, curiosity about the doctrines of Roman jurists came back when –round the year 1070– a duplicate from the digest of Emperor Justinian I had been present in Italia. Scholars within the emerging college of Bologna began to review the Roman texts and also to educate law according to these texts. Courts progressively began to use Roman law –as trained within the college of Bologna (and shortly elsewhere) since the idol judges felt the refined legal concepts of Roman law were more likely to solve complex cases compared to Germanic laws and regulations, this was being used before Roman law was elevated. This method (the reception of Roman law) required devote Italia and also in the remainder of continental Europe.

In 15th century, the procedure arrived at holland. While Italian jurists were the first one to lead towards the new science of law in line with the Roman texts, within the 16th century, French lawyers were most influential. Within the 17th and 1700s, the key rôle was forwarded to the legal science within the Netherlands. People from the so-known as school of stylish jurisprudence incorporated Hugo Grotius, Johannes Voet, Ulrich Huber and many more. These scholars were able to merge Roman law with a few legal concepts obtained from the standard Germanic customary law from the Netherlands, especially from the province of Holland. Thre resulting mixture was predominantly Roman, however it contained some features that have been usually Nederlander. This mix is called Roman Nederlander law. The Nederlander introduced the legislation of the condition for their colonies. In this manner, the Nederlander number of the ecu Ius commune came into existence used in Nigeria and Sri Lanka.