What To Place Your Bet In Lower Leagues? You Must read This!


If you are focusing on the lower leagues, it should be noted that you are not going to get the stats from bookies because the focus is more on the elite leagues at the expense of the lower leagues. The best approach when you are on a credible like มาเฟีย88 is to find a way of getting the right stats that you can use to achieve the best results.

We shall be taking a look at the issue from three points of view. Smart players know how to get the stats straight in a way that will give them the results that mattered.


Injuries in this level of league will either make or mar a team. There is virtually no bench in the majority of these teams. When a player is injured; that will spell doom for the team and it will affect the outcome of the result that will be posted by the team. Take a look at the fitness levels of the players before you place your bet. When players are fully fit you can expect the results. Where injuries set in; the reverse will be the case.

Pitch Conditions

The pitches in the lower leagues are not in the best of state in most of the stadia that these teams use for their home and away matches are always in a terrible state in most of the cases. The money is not there for pitch maintenance with teams in the lower leagues. This will go all the way to affect the fortunes of teams that are involved here and it is a factor that should be considered if you want to predict the outcome of the matches here.

There are lots of running around the pitch and it leads to high scoring from the teams. You have to put all these factors into consideration while you are placing your bet in this league. Pitch condition is a factor that you have to put into consideration when you are placing your odds in the lower league.

Dreadful Long-Ball Football

Do not expect the smooth play that is enjoyed by premier league teams. The uneven nature of the pitch is the reason why players will result to long balls instead of the smooth play that is seen in the elite leagues. This is the reason why coaches in this division go for tall and bulky players because as strikers and defenders.

Here, long balls dictate the flow of the game. This will result into a harvest of goals in every match. When you are partnering with the best that come through Mafia88 for instance, you are going to achieve expected results if you take into account that there will always be goals rain.

When you are placing your bet in the lower league, it is important that you consider the three factors that are stated above. This will help in achieving the results that will lead you to hitting the big jackpot.  The competition in the odds is not as high as it is obtained in the upper league.